About Miami Managment

We would like to be the first to welcome you to the Keys Gate Community.

Miami Management, Inc. is licensed by the State of Florida and has a contract with the Keys Gate Community Association to manage and maintain the Keys Gate property.

Miami Managements main office is located at:

14275 SW 142nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33186.
phone: (305) 378-0130
website: www.miamimanagement.com

For your convenience, the on-site office is located in Homestead.

A special team, led by Mr. Ignacio Mendez, manages the Keys Gate Office office. Mr. Mendez's group oversees the maintenance of your community, administration of the Keys Gate Community Association (KGCA) affairs, and the enforcement of the rules and regulations.

Administration of the KGCA is based on the guidance of the Keys Gate Board of Directors and the KGCA documents.

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Closed major holidays.

Miami Management, Inc.
1541 S.E. 12th Avenue, Suite #37
Homestead, FL 33034
Office: (305) 247-9800; Fax: (305) 247-9898

Keys Gate Main Office Extensions:

205 Ignacio Mendez, Senior Property Manager imendez@miamimanagement.com
206 William Fernandez, Security Director william.fernandez@universalpro.com
209 Joselyn Valladares , Customer Service kgcustomers@miamimanagement.com
210 Elizabeth Martinez, Account Services kgcaledger@miamimanagement.com
201 Joselyn Valladares, Receptionist, kgfrontdesk@miamimanagement.com

Administrative Assistants:

Augusta Greens, Cali Greens, Dunwodie, East Lake, Fairways, Palm Isles, Shores & Towngate
215 Jorge Midence Cortez jomidence@miamimanagement.com​

Arbor Park, Centergate, Keys Landing, North Gate, Palm Breeze/Palm Cove/Seascape
213 Luis Caballero lcaballero@miamimanagement.com​

Property Managers

Arbor Park
205 Ignacio Mendez, Senior Property Manager imendez@miamimanagement.com

Augusta Greens, Cali Greens, Center Gate Dunwoodie, Fairways, Keys Landing and Palm Isles
214 Brooke Felipe bruzzante@miamimanagement.com​

East Lake, North Gate, The Shores and Town Gate
207 Blanca Saenz bsaenz@miamimanagement.com

Community Standards Coordinators

Arbor Park, Cali Greens, Keys Landing, North Gate, Towngate
204 Michelle Ortega kgcoordinator@miamimanagement.com

Augusta Greens, Centergate, Dunwoodie, East Lake, Fairways, Palm Isles, Shores
208 Edgar Saenz kgcoordinator1@miamimanagement.com