Towing Policy


The Board of Directors and Management have reviewed the Association’s documents and applicable Florida Statues in order to establish an enforcement policy concerning the acceptable parking and storage of Boats, Motor Vehicles, Trailers, etc. within the community.

Parking of Vehicles:  Each assignment of a parking space shall be evidenced by a written assignment executed by Declarant, or the Board, in favor of the applicable Residence.  The assignment shall be entered in a parking space registry maintained by the Association, but no assignment shall be recorded in any Public Records.  The right to use a parking space shall be appurtenant, and shall pass with the title, to the Residence to which it is originally assigned without the necessity of any reference in a deed of conveyance or other instrument.  Owners may exchange or otherwise assign to one another their rights to use their respective parking spaces, provided that there shall be one (1) parking space assigned to each Residence at all times.  In the event that the Declarant or Association designates parking spaces by painting numbers thereon, the Association shall maintain such numbers so as to be readable at all times.  The cost of such maintenance is to be paid for by appropriate Neighborhood Assessments levied against the Lots in the Neighborhood in which parking is assigned.  Nothing herein contained shall require Declarant to assign parking spaces.

The following Rules govern the parking of vehicles within Keys Gate:

Parking Decals and Passes:  All vehicles shall be parked in the specific Neighborhood where the resident lives or a guest is visiting.  Vehicles parked in a Neighborhood different from where the resident lives or a guest is visiting shall be considered parked illegally and subject to towing at the owner’s expense.  All guest vehicles must have a currently dated parking pass in order to park in a visitor parking space.  If there is no pass then the vehicle shall be considered parked illegally and subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Residents may obtain additional parking passes from Management or Security.

    • Fairways (Cocoplum), Augusta Greens (Single Family), Dunwoodie, Augusta Greens - Condo, Cali Greens, and Palm Isle Estates which do not have a manned guardhouse will need to go to The Shores guardhouse in order to obtain dated parking passes for their guest(s).  In Keys Landing, once the guard is not onsite, all guest(s) would have to go to The Shores guardhouse for their dated parking pass.  In Eastlake Village, once the guard is not onsite, all guest(s) would need to go to the Northgate guardhouse for their dated parking pass.

    • In the event that any resident will be having a party, get-together, or any other such event, residents may contact Security or Management prior to the event to acquire additional dated parking passes.

    • Guest vehicles may be parked in the street for short periods of time during the day and evening to facilitate those attending private parties and social gatherings.  Vehicles must have an authorized guest pass displayed on the front windshield of vehicle and must follow the parking rules listed below:

      1. Guest pass must be visible face up on the front windshield of the vehicle

      2. Do not block mailboxes or driveways

      3. Do not park on the grass or sidewalk

      4. Do not impede the flow of traffic

      5. Do not park in another homeowner’s assigned parking space

    • Guest(s) of residents may be permitted to park their vehicles in the street for overnight periods (except Condo and Townhome Neighborhoods) with prior notification and approval of Security, Management, or the Board, provided the vehicle does not block neighboring driveways or restrict traffic flow and a valid guest parking pass must be displayed on the front windshield of the car.  Condo and Townhome guest(s) must park at designated parking area with 24 hour valid guest pass. This provision is designed for short visits by out-of-town guests and not as a method of handling a second or third vehicle on a daily basis.  Failure to follow these rules will result in an immediate tow without advance notice to vehicle owner.

    • Arbor Park, Centergate and Towngate residents are required to have a valid parking decal.  Please note that the barcode access sticker does not substitute the parking decal.  Resident vehicles without a valid parking decal are subject to immediate tow at owner’s expense.  Homeowners/Approved tenant(s) will be required to remove their old Decal and place the NEW Decal on the Front bottom left (Driver) side of the windshield. Please make sure that it is visible. No resident may park on the street at any time.  Any resident that parks on the street will be at risk of having vehicle towed immediately at the vehicle owner’s expense.  Vehicles must be parked in the garage, on the driveway, or within their designated parking areas established by the Association.

    • Parking is prohibited to block any mailboxes or driveways.  Parking is prohibited on the grass and the sidewalks and may not impede the flow of traffic.

    • For Keys Gate special events, Management may designate and assign certain roadways and areas as temporary parking areas.

    • There shall be no parking on driveways of Lots or Residences owned by the Declarant or on driveways of neighbors who are away for the season without their written permission.  In no event shall cars be parked where they will restrict visibility at intersections or impede the flow of emergency or service vehicles (i.e. police, fire, ambulances, mail delivery and garbage, etc.).

    • In North Gate, parking across the driveway apron is not permitted.

Vehicle Towing:  Vehicles in violation of municipal traffic laws or ordinances or in violation of these Rules & Regulations may be towed by the Association.  The owner of such vehicle shall be solely responsible for all expenses.  The Association shall not be held liable for any damage incurred or resulting from towing, nor guilty of any criminal act by reason of such towing once proper notice of the violation is posted.  Neither removal, nor failure of the owner to receive notice for any other reason, shall be grounds for relief of any kind.  For purposes of this paragraph, vehicle shall also mean campers, mobile homes, and trailers, etc.  An affidavit of the person posting the aforesaid notice stating that it was properly posted shall be conclusive evidence of proper posting.  Violations also subject the owner to fines and restrictions as provided in the Association Documents.

Inoperative or Unlicensed Vehicles:  Vehicles which cannot operate under their own power, or do not display a valid license plate, including vehicles on blocks and/or jack stands with missing or flat tires may not be kept within Keys Gate for periods of time exceeding twenty-four(24) hours unless they are stored within an enclosed garage.  Repairs, other than emergency repairs, cannot be made to vehicles unless within the enclosed garage.  Waste petroleum products must be disposed of outside of Keys Gate in accordance with Miami-Dade County and City of Homestead regulations.

Traffic Regulations:  All posted Association traffic regulations will be enforced by the Association through Security.  State & Municipal traffic regulations will be enforced by local law enforcement authorities.

Commercial Trucks, Recreational Vehicles, Trailers, and Boats:  No trucks or commercial vehicles, campers, mobile homes, motor homes, house trailers of any description, recreational vehicles, boats, boat trailers, horse trailer or vans, shall be permitted to be parked or stored within the designated residential areas of Keys Gate, except in (i) enclosed garages; (ii) spaces dedicated specifically by the Declarant and/or the Association for some or all of the above; or (iii) in the Residence driveway without encroaching onto the sidewalk or street.  For purposes of this Section, parking shall be for a period of time up to twenty-four (24) hours, but not exceeding a one (1) overnight stay, with the exception of Fairways (Cocoplum), Augusta Greens (Single Family), Dunwoodie and Palm Isle Estates which permits seventy-two (72) hours, not exceeding a third (3) overnight stay.  After the mandatory three (3) day time period expires, such boats and/or trailers are not allowed to return to driveway for a period of five (5) calendar days.

Commercial vehicles shall mean those vehicles which are not designed or used for daily personal and/or family purposes.  Commercial advertising on a vehicle is prohibited.  Boats and/or boat trailers may not encroach on sidewalks for any period of time.  No on-street parking or parking on lawns shall be permitted.  Guests may not use any motorized or mobile vehicles for overnight or extended stays. Under no circumstances may a boat and/or trailer be left in driveway after a Hurricane Watch is issued by local authorities.  Such violation may result in an immediate tow.

Contractors/Vendors Limited Access: 

        • Contractors/Vendors not under contract with Keys Gate Community Association, are to adhere to the following in all cases, except Emergency Repairs:

          • Contractors are only permitted to work between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5 PM.

          • No Sundays or Holidays

        • Commercial deliveries are allowed between the hours of 7:30 AM and 9 PM.

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