Storm Shutters

  • All hurricane shutters must conform to the City of Homestead and Miami-Dade County standards. The type and style is subject to the review and approval of the Committee.
  • Hurricane Shutters may only be installed within seventy-two (72) hours of when a hurricane or tropical storm watch or warning is posted. Shutters must be removed or opened within seven (7) days from the passing of a storm or the removal of a hurricane watch or warning. At no other time may shutters be up or closed.
  • Seasonal residents may leave their hurricane shutters closed May through November only as long as the property manager is notified in writing. Such residents are required to secure the exterior of the Residence by removing any unsecured items including but not limited to patio furniture, flower planters, lawn ornaments, garden statues and benches. The shutters must be opened upon return to the residence, regardless of the month.
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